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Nebraska Athletic Medicine

Athletic Medicine at the University of Nebraska is dedicated to providing all student-athletes in the department with the highest level of health care. The care given by the Nebraska Athletic Medicine staff goes well beyond the daily medical concerns that every Division I program has regarding injury prevention, treatment and rehabilitation. The total health care of the individual is the goal of the Nebraska program. The staff continues to identify and assist in the treatment of the student-athlete at risk for overwhelming stress, career threatening injury, eating disorders, psychological disorders and other medical problems.

For more information call Athletic Medicine at (402) 472-2276, Fax at (402) 472-2006 or send email to For individual staff member's email, visit the Athletic Medicine section located on the Staff Directory.

Nebraska Athletic Medicine Contact Information:
Nebraska Athletic Medicine
One Memorial Stadium
P.O. Box 880128
Lincoln, NE 68588-0128

Nebraska Athletic Medicine
Nebraska's Athletic Medicine staff is housed within the Charles and Romona Myers Performance Center.

The Athletic Medicine Center features a hydrotherapy area that includes a three-level laned pool, which allows student-athletes across all of Nebraska's sports to work out simultaneously. The Hydroworx 1000 Treadmill Pool is equipped with two cameras underwater for evaluation and assessment, while hot and cold plunge tanks are also available to the Huskers.The state-of-the-art hydrotherapy areas allow the Huskers to engage in rehabilitation and conditioning programs under the direct supervision of Nebraska's medical and training staff.

In addition to impressive hydrotherapy areas, the Athletic Medicine Center had a X-ray room complete with hospital-grade equipment. The Center also provides private areas for physical exams, an emergency medical procedures room, a licensed pharmacy, rooms designated for drug testing, braces and rehabilitation supplies and dental appliances. The athletic medicine staff also uses the MRI center in the East Stadium CB3 research area for their MRI needs.

The Athletic Medicine Center, paired with one of the most knowledgeable and experienced medical and training staffs in the country, make Nebraska the leader in personal care in college athletics.

Of vital importance to the success of any team is the protection of the athlete from injury, and the rapid return of the injured athlete to full speed. Head Athletic Trainer Jerry Weber has been serving Husker student-athletes and perfecting his skills as a dual certified Physical Therapist and Athletic Trainer for more than 40 years.

An important goal of the Athletic Medicine program is to assist student-athletes in overcoming obstacles to their success in sports and in the classroom. The athlete confronted with overwhelming stress, substance abuse, disordered eating, or other impediments to success receives assistance.  Nebraska Athletics has assembled a professional team that features both quality and depth in sports performance psychiatry, psychology and mental health services offered under the department's Athletic Medicine Program.

Sports massage therapy is available for athletes recovering from repetitive muscle strain. Amy Seiler, NU's massage therapist, provides sports massage therapy to student-athletes through the Athletic Medicine Center from 9-11:30 a.m. each weekday.

Brandon Yoder, ATC, Associate Athletic Director of Athletic Medicine

Jerry Weber, PT, ATC, Associate Director of Athletic Medicine/Head Athletic Trainer
M. Golf, W. Golf, Rifle

Chris Peduzzi, Head Athletic Trainer

Drew Hamblin, MEd, ATC, CES, Assistant Head Football Athletic Trainer/Director of Football Rehabilitation

Alec Nichols, Assistant Athletic Trainer

Eric Spencer, Assistant Athletic Trainer

Tom Dufresne, MPT, ATC, Associate Athletic Trainer
Women's Gymnastics, Bowling

Marcia LaCroix, ATC, Associate Athletic Trainer

Lisa Loewenstein, MEd, ATC, Associate Athletic Trainer

Tyler Weeda, ATC, Associate Athletic Trainer

Jolene Emricson, MEd, ATC, Assistant Athletic Trainer

Jordan Elliott, Assistant Athletic Trainer
Men's Tennis, Women's Tennis

Ali Fischer, Assistant Athletic Trainer

Tanner Fowler, MA, ATC, CES, Assistant Athletic Trainer

Kyrstall Greenwall, Assistant Athletic Trainer 
Spirit Squad

Ben Huver, ATC, Assistant Athletic Trainer
Women's Basketball

Davey LaCroix, ATC, Assistant Athletic Trainer
Track and Field, Cross Country

Jacob Luiken, ATC, Assistant Athletic Trainer
Men's Gym

Brynn Johnson, Assistant Athletic Trainer

Andrew McCabe, Assistant Athletic Trainer
Men's Basketball

Casey Cyganowski, Athletic Trainer Graduate Assistant
Track and Field, Cross Country

Kyle Glick, Athletic Trainer Graduate Assistant, ATC (Baseball)

Elizabeth Michael, ATC, Athletic Trainer Graduate Assistant 
Swimming & Diving

Gabriela Poalino, ATC, Athletic Trainer Graduate Assistant 

Rafael Rojo, ATC, Athletic Trainer Graduate Assistant 
Track and Field, Cross Country

Amy Seiler, LMT, ESMS, Massage Therapy Coordinator
Massage Therapy

Ross Mathiasen, MD, Chief Medical Director
Team Physician

Jason Meredith, MD
Team Physician

Janet Sellon, MD
Team Physician

Alex Tomesch, MD
Team Physician

Robert Dugas, MD
Team Physician

David Clare, MD 
Team Physician

Justin Harris, MD 
Team Physician

Dane Todd, MD 
Team Physician

Dennis Perkey, PhD, ATC
Director of Athletic Training Education

Hannah Herman
Athletic Medicine Clinical Coordinator 

Anne Hackbart
Administrative Coordinator