Whether you're looking for a full meal or just a quick snack, Nebraska Concessions is here to help you enjoy your experience at Husker athletic events. Our stands offer a great variety of food and drink items.

Meet the University of Nebraska Concessions Staff

  Darin Carter
Director of Concessions Events
  (402) 472-4886

Concessions FAQ

1. Am I allowed to bring food into Memorial Stadium?

The only food/beverages allowed into Memorial Stadium are the products sold by vendors outside the stadium.

No food/beverages can be brought into the Devaney Sports Center or Hibner Soccer Stadium.

2. Where can I purchase a program at Husker football games?

Game programs are available outside (Hawkers) or at any of our General Concessions stands.

3. Do you sell Coffee/Hot Chocolate at all football games?

The sale of coffee and hot chocolate is determined by the weather/temperature.   

4. Where can I buy a Brisket Sandwich?

Brisket Sandwiches are sold on all four sides of the stadium. Look for a specialty stand.

5. Do your hot dogs have pork or beef in them?

Our hot dogs have both pork and beef in them. For additional information on the ingredients for all of our products, please click here.

6. Do you accept Debit Cards?

Yes, Memorial Stadium has multiple locations. All general concessions stands at the Stadium, Bob Devaney Sports Center, and Hibner Stadium accept Debit Cards.

7. Do you have ATM Machines?  

Yes, there is one ATM machine on the each side of Memorial Stadium. There is an ATM machine in the northeast corner at the Bob Devaney Sports Center. 


For information regarding working at Haymarket Park, please contact haymarketstaff@valscorp.com 

For information regarding concessions at Pinnacle Bank Arena, please email:concessions@pinnaclebankarena.com

Memorial Stadium Concessions Map

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