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Tom and Nancy Osborne


Welcome to the hallowed grounds of Nebraska Huskers Memorial Stadium, an iconic landmark that embodies the rich history and enduring spirit of college football. Located in Lincoln, Nebraska, this legendary stadium has become a sanctuary for passionate fans and a symbol of athletic excellence.

Nebraska Huskers Memorial Stadium stands as a testament to the deep-rooted tradition and unwavering loyalty of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln community. With a seating capacity that exceeds 85,000, this colossal venue has witnessed countless of unforgettable moments since its opening in 1923.


100-Year Celebration Game

Official Game Program vs. Northwestern Oct. 21, 2023 

Official Game Program vs. Oklahoma Oct. 13, 1923


Memorial Moments

FB Spring Game 2013-2273

The Run: featuring seven-year-old Jack Hoffman

April 6, 2013

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sam foltz 27 100 years

No-Punter Formation for Sam Foltz

Sept. 3, 2016

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huskers beat okla 1978 ruud

Legendary Hit by John Ruud, Coach Osborne defeats #1 OU

Nov. 11, 1978

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Suh and Henery vs. Colorado

November 28, 2008

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Black 41 Flash Reverse Pass

Oct. 27, 2001

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Mike Rozier vs

"80-yard, 2-yard TD run vs. UCLA"

Sept. 24, 1983

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Westerkamp Hail Mary

Nov. 2, 2013

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When you walk in here, you see nothing but red. I can't recall walking into another stadium and seeing such an amazing, monochromatic scene and so much loyalty. When they're stirred up when Nebraska is challenged - that's when this crowd can become one of the most intimidating in college football.

Chris Fowler

ESPN College Football Broadcaster

Memorial Stadium represents the qualities that make our state and our university great: unity, grit, teamwork, determination. It is a unifying force for all Nebraskans. Most important, it represents the sacrifices made by our brace servicemen and women.

Ted Carter

University of Nebraska President

For 100 years, Memorial Stadium has been a hallowed place in Nebraska. No matter where you come from or where you have been, it is a gathering place for all Huskers. Thanks to the continuous support of our fans, this iconic venue has hosted championship teams, legendary coaches, All-American athletes, and decades of sellout crowds.

Trev Alberts

University of Nebraska Athletic Director

What has truly set Nebraska apart has been the fans, who have been amazingly loyal through thick and thin...They are knowledgable about and respectful of opponents, and the stadium is place conducive to families, including young children. People travel from all parts of the state and from other states to attend and I think that is because Memorial Stadium is generally filled with loyal, good people who respect the game, the players, and the atmosphere.

Tom Osborne

Assistant Football Coach, 1962-1972 - Head Football Coach, 1973-1997 - Representative, U.S. Congress, Third District (Nebraska) 2000-2006 - Athletic Director, 2007-2012 - Cofounder with wife, Nancy, TeamMates Mentoring 1991
Tom Osborne 21

Following Tom Osborne's announcement to retire in September of 2012, Husker fans in East Stadium spell out 'Thanks Tom' as a tribute to the longtime head coach and athletic director. The Huskers defeated Minnesota 38-14.

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100 Years of Memorial Stadium - Fan Mosaic 

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