Education & Enrichment

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4-Year Tiered Programming
Understanding each student has a unique and individualized path to success, the 4-year tiered programming aims to meet student-athletes where they are in their development and provide them with opportunities to sharpen and grow as professionals and individuals.

Enrichment Series
Student-athletes are prominent members of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln campus community. Because of this, the athletic department is often approached by various presenters and organizations. Life Skills will periodically make coaches and student-athletes aware of voluntary opportunities across campus or hosted by athletics. Attendance will count for Tom Osborne Citizenship Team recognition. Student-athletes are encouraged to integrate with the many excellent enrichment presentations scheduled throughout the year to further overall development and enhance success.

Team Meetings
Every team and student-athlete has unique and specific needs. These meetings are designed to supplement annual Life Skills programming to ensure each coaching staff feels adequately supported in the development of their student-athletes. This will enhance team culture, character development, and overall success in all areas of life.

Summer Bridge
Summer Bridge is a program for incoming first-year or transfer students providing support, resources, and proactive education on the overall acclimation to the University of Nebraska. The series is designed to facilitate a successful transition to college life, educate on critical life skills, foster preparation for life after sport, and meet other student-athletes, athletic staff, and campus partners.