Husker Power - Strength and Conditioning

"The Birthplace of Strength and Conditioning for Collegiate Athletics."


The Nebraska Strength and Conditioning Department has a rich history, unlike any other university in America.  In 1969, Nebraska became the first NCAA school to hire a strength and conditioning coach.  For nearly fifty years, Nebraska Athletics has reinforced its sterling reputation of innovation in Strength and Conditioning programs and facilities.  Nebraska football was the first to lift weights in-season, the first to take a portable weight room to a bowl game, and the first to computerize lifting progress charts for individual student-athletes.  Husker Power created the most advanced strength equipment in the country.  As a result, the Husker Power program is recognized as the finest in the country, because Nebraska has led the nation in strength and conditioning innovation.

The work ethic of the Nebraska student-athletes is remarkable.  When you combine a great work ethic, with a great strength program, the results can be pretty amazing.  For example, the following walk-on football players earned All-American honors:

  • Harry Grimminger
  • Jarvis Redwine
  • Jim Skow
  • John Havekost
  • Jared Tomich
  • I.M. Hipp
  • Jimmy Williams
  • Derrie Nelson

Nebraska's success on the field, on the court, on the track, and in the pool, has a lot to do with the lifting programs innovations by Mike Arthur, Director of Program Research.

A general program is shown to put student-athletes in patterns to produce power safely.  This program can help student-athletes improve power for any sport while building muscle, increasing strength while training in the appropriate energy system.