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"The Birthplace of Strength and Conditioning for Collegiate Athletics."


Nebraska strength and conditioning records have been kept since 1969 and a record board was established in the North Fieldhouse n March 16, 1970.  Strength coaches have used a variety of tests over the years, searching for the most talented student-athletes.  First they were divided into three groups.  The first group consisted of outstanding athletes who had won all-conference or national honors.  The second group were successful but did not rise to the top in their respective sports.  The third group was made up of athletes that were average or below, but who still contributed as part of the team.  This process led to the staff realizing that group one student-athletes all possessed great power, change of direction, and speed.  A correlation was done to determine which tests identified these components.  With the help of Dr. Chris Eskridge, the staff was able to identify three tests that best identify potential talent for power sports.  This explains why Nebraska now measures the Vertical Jump, 10 Yard Dash, and Pro Agility Run.  A performance index score is calculated taking bodyweight into the equation.  The highest Performance Index currently on a Husker team for men and women are listed below.

Women's Current Best Performance Index 

Amber Rolfzen, Volleyball.  2136

Men's Current Best Performance Index

Marcus Newby, Football.  1964

Nebraska School Performance Records for Men

Nebraska School Performance Records for Women