Husker Power - Strength and Conditioning

"The Birthplace of Strength and Conditioning for Collegiate Athletics."


Some coaches across the country were kicking student-athletes off athletic teams for lifting weights.  Nebraska's Athletic Director, Bob Devaney, took a big risk in installing a strength training program for his players during the 1969 season.  His 1968 team had lost to Oklahoma 49-0 on national T.V. and he was looking for something to turn things around fast.  Bob said, "When I asked Boyd Epley to create our strength program, I had no idea it would become such an essential component in our athletic programs or athletic programs across the world."  Devaney's 1969 Huskers went on to beat Oklahoma 44-14 in Norman and his 1970 and 1971 teams won the National Championship.  The immediate impact strength training had on Nebraska's success sent tremors through the college football world.  History Timeline - by Boyd Epley