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Beatrice Dierks Rohman Memorial Scholarship

The Beatrice Dierks Rohman Scholarship has been presented annually since 2007-08 to the Nebraska women's golf student-athlete who demonstrates athletic and academic achievement, effective leadership skills, integrity and a commitment to excellence in all endeavors.

To honor the memory of Beatrice Dierks Rohman (Women's Golf, 1932-35), who was an ambassador for women in the game of golf, admired for her leadership, pioneering spirit, and moral values both on and off the golf course, the award was established by Stephen LeMer Rohman.

Beatrice Dierks Rohman Memorial Scholarship Recipients

2007-08 - Elli Brown

2008-09 - Mary Kate Bird

2009-10 - Carolyn Schorgl

2010-11 - Madeleine Sheils

2011-12 - Kayla Knopik

2012-13 - Steffi Neisen

2013-14 - Morgan Smejkal

2014-15 - Morgan Smejkal

2015-16 - Sarah Pravecek

2016-17 - Haley Thiele

2017-18 - Haley Thiele

2018-19 - Kate Smith

2019-20 - Kate Smith

2020-21 - Kate Smith