Husker Training Center

Located at the East Campus Union, the Husker Training Center houses six lanes as well as the coaches offices, pro shop, player locker room and lounge. The six-lane facility was renovated in 2020, and provides the Huskers with a tournament-quality practice facility and is one of the best in the nation. It is the only facility in the country that is leased by the athletic department for exclusive use of the bowling team. Nebraska's excellent practice facilities have played an integral role in the Huskers capturing six national team championships since bowling became an NCAA sanctioned sport in 2003. 

Locker Room & Lounge

The East Campus Lanes feature a terrific players lounge area and a locker room for the Husker bowlers.

Pro Shop

Along with the lounge and locker room, there is also a full-service pro shop in the facility dedicated exclusively to the Nebraska Bowling team.



Bowling Office Address: 111 East Campus Union, P.O. Box 830958, Lincoln, NE 68583-0958