1. Do I have to attend and complete a PEO Success Series Workshop before I graduate and/or exhaust eligibility?

All student-athletes who meet program requirements or will be PEO eligible upon graduation are encouraged to attend and complete an Introductory PEO Workshop with the PEO Director before they graduate.

2. Can I use PEO funds for graduate school at an institution other than the University of Nebraska-Lincoln or the University of Nebraska Medical Center?

Yes. Beginning in the Fall 2022 semester, athletics aid can be awarded at any accredited university. Institutions may have different billing procedures so you will need to work closely with the PEO director and compliance office to determine how your scholarship will be distributed. 

3. I don't know what type of experience I want. What should I do?

Student-athletes are encouraged to meet with their Life Skills counselor and/or the PEO Director to explore different options for PEO experiences that fit their area of interest.

4. PEO participants can receive up to a $7,500 one-semester scholarship for their experience. What would prevent me from receiving the full $7,500?

Letterwinner alumni participating in a PEO experience lasting less than one semester will receive athletic aid that has been prorated. Additionally, participants enrolling as a part-time student or in the summer semester may receive less than $7,500. If a participant does not receive the full $7,500 amount in a semester, they are permitted to use any remaining funds in a different semester as long as it is still in their three-year window to use PEO funding.

5. Can I receive additional aid if my experience lasts more than one semester?

No. Individuals participating in an experience longer than one semester are responsible for the remaining costs.

6. What will my scholarship cover?

Initial athletics aid will be applied to tuition and fees and remaining aid will be distributed through a room and board stipend, in an amount to not exceed $7,500.

7. I graduated/exhausted my eligibility before December 2015, can I participate in PEO?

Only letterwinner alumni who graduate in or after December 2015 and meet PEO requirements are eligible to participate.

8. When will I receive my scholarship?

After letterwinner alumni sign their scholarship paperwork through the Nebraska Athletics Compliance Office, aid will be applied to their student account once the semester in which they are enrolled begins.

9. I attended and completed a PEO Workshop before I graduated and/or exhausted my eligibility, do I need take a refresher course before I start my experience?

If letterwinner alumni attended and completed a workshop more than one year before their experience, they are encouraged to schedule a refresher meeting with the PEO Director or an experience representative.

10. I have a question not addressed on this page. Who should I contact?

Contact Tom Lemke at