Katy Cowell/ Nebraska Communications

Harper Murray and her partner, Merritt Beason, went 2-0 on Friday.


Huskers Sweep Orange Coast, Saddleback

The Nebraska beach volleyball team swept Orange Coast College and Saddleback College on Friday in Irvine Valley, Calif. 

NU is now 13-5 on the season with two matches remaining on Saturday. The Huskers' 13 wins are a school record for wins in a beach volleyball season. 

The Huskers were dominant from start to finish in both matches, winning every spot in straight sets. Bekka Allick and Lexi Rodriguez teamed up as NU's No. 1 pair for both duals and won 21-19, 21-14 and 21-16, 21-11. Merritt Beason and Harper Murray were the Huskers' No. 2 team and won 21-9, 21-19 against Orange Coast and 21-16, 21-13 against Saddleback. Ally Batenhorst and Bergen Reilly won their No. 3 matches, 21-14, 21-9 and 21-13, 21-10. At No. 4, Laney Choboy and Lindsay Krause were 21-9, 21-15 winners against Orange Coast and were 21-8, 21-6 victors against Saddleback. 

Nebraska's No. 5 pair against Orange Coast was Maisie Boesiger and Andi Jackson, and they won 21-15, 21-17. The No. 5 match against Saddleback was not played and resulted in a forfeit to give the Huskers' the fifth and final point. 

The Huskers will play Irvine Valley College and Hope International University at the Irvine Valley College Beach Volleyball Courts. 

Nebraska 5, Orange Coast College 0
1. Bekka Allick/Lexi Rodriguez (NEB) def. Corinne Williams/Brisa Zapata-Reaves (OCC) 21-19, 21-14
2. Merritt Beason/Harper Murray (NEB) def. Jesse Coralle/Lexy Mendoza (OCC) 21-9, 21-19 
3. Ally Batenhorst/Bergen Reilly (NEB) def. Paige Cutwright/Alex Selivanov (OCC) 21-14, 21-9
4. Laney Choboy/Lindsay Krause (NEB) def. Leah Thibault/Kingsley Mason (OCC) 21-9, 21-15
5. Maisie Boesiger/Andi Jackson (NEB) def. Izzy Duchaine/Theresia Amtmann (OCC) 21-15, 21-17

Nebraska 5, Saddleback College 0
1. Bekka Allick/Lexi Rodriguez (NEB) def. Logan Daniels/Abigail Brown (SC) 21-16, 21-11 
2. Merritt Beason/Harper Murray (NEB) def. Lily Horner/Sydney Brown (SC) 21-16, 21-13
3. Ally Batenhorst/Bergen Reilly (NEB) def. Olivia Gonzalez/Sydney Pak (SC) 21-13, 21-10
4. Laney Choboy/Lindsay Krause (NEB) def. Kaydan Robles/Haley Jones (SC) 21-8, 21-6
5. Maisie Boesiger/Andi Jackson (NEB) def. Autry Satica/Sabrina Hernandez (SC) 21-0, 21-0 (forfeit)