N Club Overview

Nebraska Athletics was established in the late 1880's and early 1890's with the creation of varsity baseball and football respectively. The University N Club was initiated in 1890 as Cornhusker letterwinners proudly wore the block N, affectionately called the "Iron N" generation after generation.

A Cornhusker letter earned today has all the meaning, glamour, status and respect that accompanied letter awards presented nearly 125 years ago.

Over the years, Nebraska has had numerous letterwinners who have earned varsity letters in more than one intercollegiate sport. Noteworthy multiple sport letterwinners at Nebraska include the likes of Bobby Reynolds, Paul Amen, and others. Since the inception of the N Club, it has primarily been operated with a Board of Directors consisting of letterwinners from diverse sports with involvement from Nebraska Athletics Administration.

The administration and daily operations of the N Club was integrated within the Life Skills department in 2013. Life Skills staff members met regularly with N Club Advisory Committee members.

In 2018, the N Club became integrated within Nebraska Athletic Development.

Mission Statement

Provide opportunities to letterwinners from all sports for connection, engagement and involvement through events, special reunions and regular communication while supporting the athletic, academic and career success of current student-athletes.

Vision Statement

Further the legacy, tradition and core values derived from participation in intercollegiate athletics at the University of Nebraska.