Nick Henrich
Nebraska Linebacker
Postgame Quotes vs. Louisiana Tech (Sept. 23, 2023)
Nebraska 28, LA Tech 14

On the fourth and one stop
“Anytime that you get in the short yardage situations, that can swing momentum. I think that was big for us and the d-line did a really good job getting off the ball.”

On the quarterback sneak stop
“That’s just Nash (Hutmacher) being strong. He was lined up nose-to-nose with him and he did a really good job.”

On the first four weeks of defense
“It’s just a group of guys flying around to the ball. We’ve got a lot of work to do. I don’t think we tackled great today, which needs to be improved. That will be a focus point in practice this week.”

On the impact of the lightning delay
"That was a weird situation. I mean we just got up and off our feet, you know we didn’t know how long we were going to be in there and then 15 minutes later, he was like ‘alright let’s start warming up again.’ Then you just have to lock back in and get your mind right to go back out there and finish the game.

On Heinrich Haarberg’s second appearance
“I mean he’s been just absolutely fantastic. He’s always been a super hardworking and humble guy so to see him out there and have the success he’s had has been really great for all of us. He’s very fast.”