A Second-Generation Husker

N Our Voice by Javin Wright

Scott Bruhn

Football is part of my foundation.

It's been a part of my life for as long as I can remember.

It wasn't just a game for me; it was a legacy passed down by my father.

From my earliest memories, he had me sprinting laps around the ottoman in our living room, engaging in ladder drills and various exercises to hone my skills.

Football became my passion, a fire ignited in my youth, propelling me to strive for greatness on the field.

As I reflect on those early years, I can still feel the excitement of those living room drills.

The thud of the ball against my palms, the rapid footwork echoing through the room – it all laid the foundation for what would become a lifelong journey.

The nickname

It was in the early days I got the nickname, Buddha.

I was a chubby baby, dubbed the name by my grandma.

The name stuck, a constant reminder of my roots and the love that envelops me.

But beyond the nickname, the real influence in my football journey was my dad, a college football player at Nebraska.

I'm a second-generation Husker, a legacy that fueled my childhood Nebraska fandom. However, it wasn't until the recruiting process that my dad and I shared the experience of stepping onto the Nebraska field together.

As I walked onto the turf of Memorial Stadium, I could feel the weight of my family's history and the anticipation of creating my own legacy.

The Sea of Red in the stands, the echoing cheers – it all became a part of my journey.

Choosing my path

Choosing a collegiate program was a pivotal moment, and my dad, despite his Nebraska legacy, allowed me the autonomy to forge my own path.

Offers came in from West Coast schools, yet the pull of Nebraska, with its unique atmosphere, dedicated coaching staff, and genuine love for the game, proved irresistible.

The decision to become a Husker was a deeply personal one, a choice that felt right to me.

The transition from high school to college came with a whirlwind of challenges. New teammates, a more demanding training regimen, and the pressure to perform at a higher level.

Yet, in the midst of it all, I found a camaraderie among my fellow Huskers that became the bedrock of my collegiate experience.

Position changes

My journey on the field took some unexpected turns throughout my career.

Initially a cornerback, a growth spurt mandated a switch to safety, and eventually, I found my niche as a linebacker.

Adapting mid-season posed challenges, but I embraced the change and trusted the coaching staff.

The transition paid off, proving that resilience and a willingness to adapt can overcome setbacks and injuries.

As I reflect on those positional changes, I realize they weren't just about adapting to the game but also about discovering new facets of myself.

Each position shift demanded not only physical adjustments but also mental ones – a lesson that would serve me well in the challenges that laid ahead.

 Overcoming injuries

Position changes weren't the only challenges I was facing in my college career.

Injuries became a recurring theme, too —four major setbacks, each delivering a life lesson.

From torn labrums to a knee injury and a blood clot, these trials were often major setbacks. But, I discovered strength within myself, recognizing that every obstacle serves a purpose, teaching me resilience and fortitude.

The recovery process wasn't just about physical rehabilitation; it became an inward journey.

I delved into meditation and mindfulness, drawing strength from within to navigate the difficult path of recovery.

Each injury became a transformative experience, not just healing my body but also strengthening my spirit.

 My dad's impact

Throughout the challenges, my dad stood as a pillar of strength.

As a trainer, coach, and constant presence, his advice shaped my mentality. Among the wisdom he shared, one resonates deeply: focus on what's important now.

It's a philosophy that keeps me grounded, reminding me to invest fully in each moment, both on and off the field.

My dad's influence extended beyond the football field.

His commitment to balancing athletics and academics became a guiding principle for me. As I juggled the demands of college football and coursework, I remembered his words often.

 Aspirations for the future

While I have quite some time left as a college football player, my aspirations beyond are pretty straightforward: a career in the NFL.

Inspired by my father's journey, I aim to carve my own legacy in the sport we both cherish.

The path ahead won't be easy, but because of all the lessons from the past, I know I'm prepared to invest the sweat and hard work required to turn dreams into reality.

The prospect of entering the NFL isn't just a personal goal; it's a continuation of the legacy forged by my father.

 A journey like no other

From the early days of training with my father, embracing the title of a second-generation Husker, navigating position changes, and overcoming injuries — it's been a wild ride.

The field has been my foundation, shaping me into the athlete and individual I am today.

I'm excited about what the future holds.

But no matter what it does, I will always be grateful for the invaluable lessons learned and the steadfast support I've received from my Husker family.

But for now, let's just focus on the Go Big Red.