Ohio State HC Ryan Day Postgame Quotes


On if his offense has ever looked as good as it did tonight
“I don’t know. We’ll watch the film and see, it’s never as good or as bad as you think until you watch it on film. But I’m proud of the way the guys came out here and played hard. They stepped right in, and we talked about it all week, what it was going to take to win this game on the road. We kind of came in hitting on all cylinders. I thought we tackled well on defense, created some turnovers again, created a short field and we ran the ball. That was great to see, I thought the line did a good job, the backs ran hard, and Justin (Fields) made some really big time throws. And when you combine that together with good special teams, I’m proud of the way the guys played.”

On if there was a message his team sent to the country with this win
“No. This is just us trying to improve every week and get better. This was a major challenge for us, so I’m proud of that, but we still have a long way to go. This doesn’t mean anything if we don’t keep it going.”

On if he had this game circled to see where his team was defensively
“It’s something that when we looked at the schedule, we knew this was going to be hard. We kind of assumed it would be something like this environment, even back in February, it was going to be hard. Scott (Frost) and those guys do a great job, and so we’ve been preparing for this game for a while. I don’t know, again, in terms of a benchmark, but anytime you go on the road and have to win a night game, we know it’s not easy in this conference. It’s just another game, we’re 1-0 on Saturday nights, and that’s the goal. We regroup tomorrow and we’re off to Michigan State.”

On the stress Justin Fields put on Nebraska with his first rushing touchdown
“We went through it all week with Adrian (Martinez) because he does the same thing, he can do those kind of things. When you have everything covered and all of a sudden you have to worry about him scrambling. When you have to put a guy and spy him that’s one less guy in coverage. It certainly is a huge advantage.”

On why they left Justin Fields in the game for all four quarters
“They’re a great team. They’re no-huddle and they can strike at any time, it’s a good offense. I just wasn’t sure at that time where the game was going. They came down and scored, Chase (Young) was out of the game. That was a tough decision to make but we decided, maybe one more drive to keep those guys in there and be smart. You look back and sometimes you can second guess yourself, but that was the decision we made at the time.”
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