South Alabama Player Quotes

Junior Wide Receiver Josh Magee
On how good it was to get the call for the touchdown in the fourth quarter
"It was real good, I knew it was when my foot got in it. I had hurt my ankle in the play because I drove my foot in. So I am glad they got the correct call and gave me the touchdown because I had previously just gotten a touchdown called back."

On his performance, even though the scoreboard was not what he wanted
"It feels good, but it really doesn't mean anything to me. I came here to win, and it's not about me. I just walked in this game and tried to get the W."

On what he can take from his experience playing in Memorial Stadium
"I can take just knowing how to calm yourself down. With this crowd it was crazy out there, but just learning to calm yourself down and do what you practice everyday and going out there and making plays."

Senior Quarterback Cody Clements
On what Nebraska was doing defensively
"Nothing different than what we have seen during the week. They just have a great defense."


On what he can take from this game
"As an offense, I think we can take a lot. I don’t think we quit at all. We kept fighting throughout the whole 60 minutes, and I trust my guys. We are going to watch the film and get better and come back next week."

On throwing deep passes
"It was just kind of the look they were giving us. I trust my guys and my O-line up front, and we have some playmakers on the outside that run to go get the ball."

On their motivation to keep going after turning it without scoring
"It was very frustrating. Its a goal when you step on the field to put it in the end zone. I felt like we had a bunch of good drives and we just couldn't finish that unfortunatley. We got to look at that and change that.

On what he can take from playing in front of 89,000 people
"I don’t think any other game is going to affect us anymore. We will learn from it. It stinks, its unfortunate but it happens."

Junior Defensive Back Roman Buchanan
On Nebraska's running back and offensive and what they were doing
"Anyone can have a great game if their offensive line is really playing well. We saw that on film. Honestly that is probably one of the best offensive lines I've played since I've been in college. We play Mississippi State, Tennessee and South Carolina, and I knew from the beginning just from watching this team that they are fundamentally sound. In some places they weren't as athletic as some of the other teams we've played. But as far as technique and good effort, everywhere, I mean their receivers blocking. They played real team ball. He had a good game because of those 10 guys in front of him. We just have to do our jobs, and we can't just work with one guy we have to fill our gaps. He had a good game because his team played hard than our team. That's what happened with that."

On having a young defensive in this atmosphere
"Sometimes I think its good to get slapped in the face. Maybe not this bad. But I think it was good for some of our younger guys to experience. Some guys really got exposed today and now we know what we really need to work on. You can't always get a good idea on what guys are like until something like this. We will learn from this and go back and practice and improve, and go to San Diego State ready."