Virginia Tech Coach Frank Beamer

Nebraska vs. Virginia Tech
Blacksburg, Va. (Lane Stadium)
Saturday, Sept. 19, 2009

Virginia Tech Coach Frank Beamer
Opening Statement

“The thing I would say to you, is when you have great players on the field, and have worked as hard and care about each other as much as this crowd does, that is what makes this possible. I was proud of our clock management at the end, I thought we did a good job of that. This is just one you don’t give up, you don’t give in. We have had our exhibition season, we have had three non-conference games, and now it is serious times. I think you give <?xml:namespace prefix="st1" ns="urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags"?>Nebraska credit, people thought I was blowing smoke when I said they were back, but I think they are back. That is a tough way for those guys to lose, but I really believe they are back on course and are going to be a factor in the Big 12.”

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Where does this rank among all of your greatest comebacks?

“It has to be right up there [with the best of them]. Again you have to have some great players on the field, and you have a guy that can keep a play alive and let your receivers run. It is right up there I can tell you that.”


What happened on the pass to Danny Coale

“Tyrod just kept scrambling, and we work on the scrambling drill all the time. The defensive back just lost him. It allowed Coale to get leverage on him and Tyrod hit him on the run. I think with Tyrod, you need an organized scramble drill, you need to know where to start running. I’m not sure what Danny’s route was, but he kept running.”


How do you think Nebraska played?

“Nebraska chased us good. They went sideline to sideline, you wanted to get cracks in there but they were running to the football. They are good up front and play extremely hard. You have to give them credit.”


How well did your defense play?

“We battled all day long. There is some inexperience that shows up on defense, that is just a fact. Experience is a wonderful thing and we just don’t have it right now, but we will get it. [But the defense was] critical, when you hold a team to field goals all night long, you have won the big battle.”


What does this game mean for the rest of the season?

“This is one of those games that could turn things around, if you build on it and learn from it. We need to learn from it, all those little things in between, we need to get better at those.”


Can you talk about Tyrod’s play?

“Again we don’t win that without a quarterback that can throw the football and can keep a play alive. There are some throws he would like to have back, and there are some throws that got dropped. But bottom line we don’t win this game without a quarterback as athletic as Tyrod and can keep a play alive. We don’t win this game without Tyrod.”