Nebraska Player Quotes

Nebraska Player Quotes
vs. Texas
Saturday, Oct. 27, 2007

Safety Ben Eisenhart
On the game

We kind of knew what Texas was doing all week and we practiced for it. That’s why we were successful the first three quarters and we had a little let down in the fourth. We had guys flying around the ball. Guys have been playing really tense lately. Everyone is really sick of losing and we had another one today. We have to come back from this. I don’t know what we have to do but we have to figure something out. 

On getting to Colt McCoy throughout the game
We ran a lot of blitzes. We were blitzing almost every other down. We were not just going to sit there and let him decide who he was going to throw to. We were going to come after him and we were pretty successful.”

Wide receiver Nate Swift
On the game

As a whole, our team came out with a great effort today. We had a lot of energy in the first half and played great. I think it was a little slow in the second half. Our defense was stopping them, but our offense was getting stopped as well. I think we played a good game, but it just did not go our way at the end.