Texas A&M Player Quotes

Texas A&M Postgame Quotes
vs. Nebraska
Saturday, Oct. 20, 2007
Memorial Stadium (Lincoln, Neb.)

Running Back Jorvorskie Lane
On how he was able to rush for so many yards
"First off, my offensive line really dominated. They gave me and (Quarterback Stephen) McGee and everybody great running lanes. Our offensive line deserves all the credit for the running game today."

On why McGee kept the option so often
"The defense scouted us really good. Every time I ran the zone play, they were taking it away. McGee did a really good job of going outside and getting four, five or six yards. You cannot beat that."

On the number of carries for McGee affecting him physically
"I went in and looked at him just a minute ago. The 35 that he had, it takes a lot of man to do that. He always does a really good job of taking care of himself. Other than that, we start back tomorrow and get ready for Kansas. The only advice I can really give him is just drink a lot of water and get a lot of sleep."

On how big the muffed punt was
"The muffed punt was at like the 30 and, in my eyes, the green light clicked on. Coach gave me an opportunity to score. I took my team on my back and we went at them."

On having his three longest carries of the season today
"Like I said, I have to give my whole offensive line the credit for all of the yards we got today, including McGee's yards. With the offensive line doing what they did, I could have driven my car through those holes today. I give all my credit to the offensive line."

On his hard hits inside on the options
"The [defensive] end did a really good job of tagging me. It was my job. It is what I do. It was a situation when he pulls, it is my job to be on the outside a little bit so the end can take me and he did a really good job of doing that. McGee did a really good job of making four or five yards."

Linebacker Mark Dodge
On shutting the Nebraska offense down in the second half
"We had a great week of practice. I really think we won that game on Tuesday. We came out with a different attitude after last week. The seniors and everybody just kind of took it upon ourselves to get better this week. We just kind of came out and played. There was a couple big plays in the first half that we kind of had to adjust to. I think we made a couple calls in the second half that really helped us get momentum."

On the offense's ability to score on two long drives in the second half
"Those were huge. It kept us off the field and kept the ball in our hands. It put some confidence in us. It kept us off the field and that was the best part about it."

Linebacker Misi Tupe
On the defense's stop deep in their own territory
"I think it was a pretty big stand for us. All we wanted to do was stop them. We worked really hard this week like Mark (Dodge) said. We tried to come up with a goal-line stand and we just talked to each other out there and gave it all we had. This was the last time for the seniors so we had to give it all we had."

On if NU quarterback Sam Keller was woozy after the third down play on that drive
"I think so, but he stood back up. I do not think he was that woozy. He is a tough guy, their quarterback, I give it to him. All the defensive players were giving him hits and everyone got a hit on him, but he kept going. He did a pretty good job."

On how big this win helps traveling into next week's game against a top-25 team
"We just have to stay focused. We just have to forget about this win right when we get on that plane on the way back. We have to start focusing on what we have next week against Kansas. Coming up to play against a top-25 team is going to be good for us. We just have play hard. We have to come out and give it all we have."

On the confidence this game gives them
"It gives the guys a lot of confidence. This brings back the wrecking crew. It is a big help for us. It brings the defense back together. The secondary is going a great job along with the the linebackers and linemen. It brings the unity back into our defense. Going back home, we just have to stay focused."