USC Player Quotes

USC Postgame Quotes
vs. Nebraska
Saturday, Sept. 15, 2007
Memorial Stadium (Lincoln, Neb.)

Defensive Tackle Sedrick Ellis
On the USC’s defensive performance
“We just wanted to come out and play good football. We didn’t so much worry about what the papers are saying. We just wanted to come out and win one game, one time.”<?xml:namespace prefix="o" ns="urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office"?>

On the early defense’s early struggles
“Coach Carroll has a saying: He always says you can’t win the game until the fourth quarter. I think we are kind of used to that kind of game. Guys always come out with a good surge against the Trojans and our job is to stay in it and play it for four quarters.”

On <?xml:namespace prefix="st1" ns="urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags"?>Nebraska’s lack of rushing yards
“That makes us feel good, especially for them not to be able to run the ball. I think the defensive line did a great job. We came in and they had a lot of hype on their rushing game with Lucky and everything. We just tried to stay in our gaps and stay consistent.”

On Nebraska’s physical play up front
“They are very well coached. I was surprised at how well coached they were. They take their steps and it was really important that we stayed in our gaps and made sure we got up the field.”

On playing in Memorial Stadium
“For me, I’m a fifth year senior here, and I just remember being a little kid and hearing about Nebraska and their stadium and how crazy their fans are. When I heard we were playing them last year, I been waiting for a long time to come here and play. Not so much because of them but because of their history and everything. They did a great job. The fans are great here and it was a great stadium to play in. I just had a lot of fun.”

Defensive End Kyle Moore
On the Nebraska atmosphere
“It was the bomb. When we first got here it was really loud. The fans are first rate. They never 'boo' you off the field so it was a great environment to play in.”

On what the defense did well
“We got turnovers on defense. We got one last game and this time we got two. We are trying to get as many as we can each game, at least three every game. If we continue to do that, we will be a great defense.”

On his interception
“I was kind of excited that he threw it. I should have scored a touchdown. No he didn’t see me at all. We dropped our ends out, especially on those quick slants. It was a tough game, especially with those quick passes so we had to get out there and cover the flats, but he threw it right to me.”

Tailback Stafon Johnson
On him being the primary running back
“I am still a role player. Whenever they call my name, I have to be ready at all times. I really don’t care as long as we get a win. Everybody plays their role and everybody plays Trojan ball and it will all work out.”

On pressure tonight
“We just wanted to come here and play our ball. Play Trojan ball in a great atmosphere. The crowd was bananas but we had to come in and play our Trojan way and we came out with a victory. We are proud of that.”

On how he figured out what he needed to do
“When you go to a school like USC, you always want to show what you can do. I was showing to the coaches that I was ready. I wanted to come in and show them. That is why I came here, to show and prove that I am a great ball player and I am going to do anything I can do to win.”

On USC’s big plays
“The is the mindset that our coaches put in our head is to finish. If you feel like you are going downhill, you have to keep pushing. You have to do things that people didn’t think you could do. You just have to finish.”