Nebraska Player Quotes

Nebraska Football
Player Quotes
Nov. 5, 2005

Sophomore Cornerback Cortney Grixby
On the defense’s performance
"It was a disappointment. We didn’t come ready to play. That’s all it’s chalked up to."

On the team’s mindset
"We didn’t come out with that fire. We just didn’t come out with it. They came out with the fire and we didn’t."

On the success of KU's slant pass plays
"We just weren’t breaking on the ball fast enough. We weren’t making plays on the ball."

On the end of Nebraska's 36-game winning streak against Kansas
"It is very disappointing. We came in with high hopes. It’s a disappointment to everybody...the team and the fans."

Sophomore Linebacker Corey McKeon
On the defense’s poor performance
"Guys just weren’t taking care of their responsibilities. We were trying to make too many big plays. It came back to bite us a few times. When it bit us, it bit us hard."

On KU running back Jon Cornish's touchdown run
"They creased us and there weren’t enough guys around the ball. He broke a tackle and he got loose. Every time we miss a tackle it seems like the guy runs for 45 yards."

On the mood of Nebraska's team
"We have to do something. We’ve got all the talent in the world. We’re the best players. All we have to do is band together. We’ve got to do something. No one knows what it is. We’ve got to get together and do it. We’re 1-7 on the road the last two years. That’s embarrassing. We’ve got to come together and play every snap like it’s our last. We just need to go out and play football."

Senior Free Safety Blake Tiedtke
On the feelings in the locker room
"Tough. We didn’t play the way we wanted to. We didn’t come out the way we should have. They’re a good team, but we thought we could beat this team on the road and get a victory. We just didn’t do what we needed to do."

On the end of Nebraska's 36-game winning streak over Kansas
"I’m sure it’s a huge win for their program, but we are just trying to focus and get better ourselves."

Junior Quarterback Zac Taylor
On the loss
"It’s embarassing. You don’t want to go on the road and lose 40-15. There is a lot of tradition at Nebraska. We didn’t want that streak to end."