Nebraska Coach Bill Callahan Quotes

Nebraska Football
Coach Bill Callahan
Postgame Quotes
Nov. 5, 2005

Head Coach Bill Callahan
On the game
"First of all, we have to give credit to Kansas. They did a good job. We felt like we had control in the third quarter when it was 17-15, but it got away from us. We didn’t make the plays that we are capable of making. It’s really ­disappointing. We got behind too much at the end. We couldn’t make the plays offensively and defensively to sustain the momentum that we had in the third quarter."

On the team’s mood
"It’s a down lockerroom. We’re very disappointed because we had the opportunity to come in here and play well against a good team. We knew Kansas was a good team, especially defensively."

On Nebraska’s defense
"I was very surprised that we gave up that many big plays, especially for long yardage. The overall intensity of the defense wasn’t close to our standards. We didn’t see the passion in our guys. You have to bring intensity on the road. The pride of Nebraska is being able to play on the road and bring your A game. It bothers me that that didn’t happen."

On Nebraska's performance
"We just didn’t play well. Our pass protection wasn’t very good and our run defense got beat up. We gave up too many big plays. We weren’t getting [them] off the field enough and we weren’t staying on the field long enough."

On the Kansas defense
"Their pass rush is as good as any in the Big 12. I told Coach (Mark) Mangino that I was very impressed with their defensive line. When you look at film you see that they give everybody problems. We knew coming in that it would be tough to mount a comeback with the passing game because of their rush. The linebackers are also an excellent unit. They have one of the top defenses in the conference and that’s why they’re winning."