Colorado Player Quotes

Colorado Buffalo Players

Quinn Sypniewski, Tight End

“Stunned is just the perfect word to sum up tonight.  It is disappointing to have to sit back and watch to see what happens to us in the future based on the game tomorrow.  It comes down to a combination of things, like not executing, not having fun and just having a lot of little things hurt us.”<?xml:namespace prefix="o" ns="urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office"?>


On Nebraska
“They stepped it up tonight, and played a great game and we didn’t.  That is just a recipe for disaster.”


On having at least one more game in his career
“It is always a great opportunity with one game left to have a chance to go out and prove yourself and go out on top.” 


Akarika Dawn, Linebacker

“The major problem was us battling and hurting ourselves, we were not executing, we were not in the right coverage and not doing what we needed to do, which allowed them to take over. 


On having two weeks to prepare
“We had two weeks of good practice, we felt like we were prepared and ready to go.  They did exactly what we were expecting them to do, but we did not get it done on our part when it came time to be on the field.”


On Nebraska
“They weren’t going to the Big 12 Championship no matter what, and were just playing to knock us off.  They did a great job, and now we will have to wait until tomorrow.”


On watching tomorrow's Iowa State-Kansas Game
“Of course I will be watching, we will see what happens so hopefully an get in and take care of business with that.”


Gary Moore, Offensive Lineman

“It all comes down to not showing up to play and not producing.  I don’t know why it happened, before the game and in the first drive of the game I thought that we were going to win, and it all went down hill from there.”


On lack of running game
“We haven’t run the ball like we did in the first few games of the season and that is on the offensive line.  I am not happy with that at all.”


Joel Klatt, Quarterback

“We definitely felt like we had a better team than what showed up tonight, I still believe that and we will have a game or two to write the ship.  It was very strange, we had a good week of practice, I thought that we did a good job going out in the first quarter and getting points on that drive.  After that we kind of sputtered the whole game.”


On Nebraska
“I think that <?xml:namespace prefix="st1" ns="urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags"?>Nebraska played a fantastic game.  They got a lot of pressure on us, we didn’t make the adjustments, and didn’t make the plays that we needed to do.”


On Nebraska's ball control
“They did a great job in the fourth quarter, and my hat is off to them.  They shut the door on us in the third and fourth quarter with that long drive.”


Hugh Chalres, Tailback

“It is frustrating to have things go down hill like that, especially after the first two weeks we really expected to run the ball.  We haven’t run or blocked like we have liked.  We have been trying to get the running game going because it spreads the defense out and helps the passing because it creates an open field.”


James Garee, Defensive Lineman

“We knew that they were going to abandon the run and go to their west coast offense.  Bottom line is that we just didn’t.  We need to figure out where we are going to be, and make the best of it.”


On the Big 12 North
“If they (Iowa State) win, they deserve to go (Big 12 Championship).  If we wanted to go to the Big 12 Championship we would have won one of these last two games.”