Texas Tech Player Quotes

Quarterback Cody Hodges
On the touchdown that gave Texas Tech the lead
"It's a play that we run every day in practice as a two-point conversion play. I started (by looking) at Hicks, but he was covered. I bought some time scrambling, saw a patch of ground open near Joel, threw it up and got hit."

On Nebraska's defense
"You're going to get hit when you play football, especially against Nebraska's defense. We were able to come out early and score on three of our first four drives. Most teams would lay down after that, but they kept coming. We were fortunate to get out of here with a win."

On the play which Nebraska intercepted the ball and fumbled back to Texas Tech
"If the ball isn't tipped, (Jarrett) Hicks scores on the post. The ball got tipped, went straight up. As soon as the ball was caught, Manuel Ramirez hit him and the ball came out and took a Texas Tech bounce. After that, I knew that we had a second chance and that we needed to score and get out of here."

On the performance of wide receiver Joel Filani
"Joel (Filani) gets overshadowed sometimes by the other guys in our receiver corps. Joel (Filani) deserves a gameball tonight. He made plays and set the tone. He's gone from not being able to make a catch to not dropping a single ball."

Wide Receiver Joel Filani
On the touchdown that gave Texas Tech the lead
"The last play, I came in motion to the right side. There was a linebacker there, so I went around him. (Quarterback) Cody (Hodges) got out of the pocket. I was trying to find a spot to get open. He made a great throw, and I came down with the catch."

On the performance of Texas Tech quarterback Cody Hodges
"(Quarterback) Cody (Hodges) is a tough guy. He's been tough all year and he's gotten better all year. He's done a good job of sticking with it, making great throws and great reads."

On playing well on the road
"I like away games a lot. It's just you and your teammates out there and the environment is hostile. Everyone is rooting against you, and that gets you more excited to make a big play."

On taking back the lead after a big Nebraska comeback
"Throughout the whole game, coach (Mike) Leach was just walking around, telling us, 'don't worry about it." No one was really nervous, because everyone knew we had to make routine plays to win the game."

Linebacker Fletcher Session
On fighting through adversity to win
"Toward the end of the first half, there were some questionable calls, like the fumble and the pass interference call in the end zone. We had four personal fouls in the first half. In the second half, things just weren't going our way, but you have to keep fighting as a defense and as a team."

On his thoughts on the play when Nebraska intercepted the ball but Texas Tech recovered a fumble
"I cried when that ball was tipped because when a ball gets tipped at the line like that, it's generally intercepted. When the ball was stripped, I said that we were meant to win this game."