Texas Tech Coach Mike Leach Quotes

On what Nebraska's defense would do on the winning touchdown pass
"We thought they were going to either blitz or drop so we had a play where we felt good about the zone to one side and the blitz to the other. We weren't sure what they were going to do. We felt like the play gave us several options react to a variety of things. It wasn't like 'Okay we're going to give it to this guy.' We had several opportunities to score on this play."

On Cody Hodge's mobility
"I thought it was pretty good. It got us out of some stuff. I thought that last play was a good example of it. I think there is a little bit too much of a reliance on that, but what I like that he does is he utilizes the pocket and keeps things alive a little longer. Sometimes too long and he gets caught with it and I don't want that or sometimes dumps it off quick waiting for it to set up. Somewhere there is a balance and he is going to hit that and be sharper. He played a really tough game."

On winning at Nebraska
"I think it is pretty big. Moses was in high school the last time these guys lost a Homecoming game. I've talked about the crowd here and the stadium and tradition and the ghosts that circle around and all the rest. You have to fight that and everything else. I thought it was a great win and hanging in there as an entire team was probably best. Also, I have all Nebraska's film and saw they had a pretty good defense and I think somebody had to win this game, but the thing about it is that Nebraska got a lot better leading to this game too. Nebraska, in my estimation, played better on defense and offense than they had all year."

On having the Nebraska fans applaud them
"It is nice. They are polite people. I appreciate it because it gives a little diversity compared to the reaction you get at other places. I just like that it is different and is characteristic of this state. That part of the Nebraska tradition and what makes this state great. That is part of what makes this stadium great is that the fans are not the same as everybody else. It is just exciting to me and I think our entire team to be a part of the Nebraska tradition and to have played in this game. There are people who watched it and there are players on both sides of the ball who will remember this the rest of their lives."

On the Texas Tech offense
"I thought offensively we started real well. I thought Nebraska tried very hard to break our rhythm and they took some risks to do it and they paid off for them. It took us a while to find our way out of the hole."

On the whole game
"There are two ways I feel. On one hand we have a pile of missed opportunities to fill this room where we should have scored more points and obviously they can say the same thing. I thought we missed a lot of opportunities. That part is disappointing. But then you get to a game like this and hit these rough spots where as a team you have to hang in there and fight through things and require people that a getting discouraged to fight through it. You can't hang your head and you have to see if you can't make something happen and fight to the very end. Both teams had the character to do that and I'm proud to say that we did today."