Nebraska Player Quotes

Linebacker Bo Ruud
On making his first catch
"We started off real bad. We just weren't tackling right. Once we got settled down and composed ourselves we knew that it wasn't going to be like last year. We're a different team. We just hung in there and knew we would come back."

On the feeling after the game
"I think we proved to everyone that it's not going to be like last year. You can say that it's positive that we know that we can always stay in games, that is a plus, but we really wanted this game. We're not happy with it at all."

On Texas Tech's offense
"I personally kind of like teams like Texas Tech. We always like to play new teams and see new offenses and it's fun to try new defenses against them."

On Texas Tech quarterback Cody Hodges
"He gave us some problems with his scrambling and running. He did a good job during the run so I'll give him credit for that."

On Nebraska's improved play in the backfield
"We really focused on that in the offseason because we knew we struggled there last year and I think it's really showing."

On playing Baylor next week
"We're not looking past Baylor one bit. We know that the team they used to be isn't the team that they are any more. So we're not going to look past them. They're going to be real tough."

Linebacker Corey McKeon
On the defensive adjustments Nebraska made in the second half
"We adjusted to their speed. We were done trying to contain them and we were out to dictate them and get them to do what we wanted them to do. Instead of sitting back and letting them do whatever they want, we wanted to get at them. I think it made a big difference."

On Le Kevin Smith's interception
"We played that just like it never happened. Just like another TFL. We tried to come out and really press on them again and play good D, but they slipped and they got lucky on us."

On Nebraska's defense on the final drive
"The last drive, they caught a few on us. We were trying to adjust and run things that we had never done before on that last drive. We tried to attack them and they slipped a few by us. They've got some tough kids on their team too, you can't discredit that. They came out and played hard and they wanted to win the game just as much as we did."

Running Back Cody Glenn
On his physical style of play
"I abosolutely love it. That's what I've been doing since I started playing football. I love it."

On coming to Nebraska
"It's been a big difference for me. Coming to Nebraska from a town of only 5,000 people, and now we've got more people than that just coming to the games. It's been a big adjustment but I think I handled it pretty well so far."

On getting playing time as a true freshman
"When they told me I wouldn't redshirt I wasn't sure how much I would play. But I thought I'd get a few touches here and there."

Wide Receiver Terrence Nunn
On the efficiency of Nebraska's offense
"We just work really hard to make sure that our offense clicks. It feels like we're clicking."

On getting his first touchdown
"It felt real good to finally get a touchdown. It just felt great to feel the fans just roar. I've always been thinking about it, but I kind of had a feeling today."

On Nebraska's confidence
"I think today really boosts our confidence because we were down 21 points and we came back. We know now that we can move the ball against anybody."

On the mood following Texas Tech's early 21 point lead
"We were pretty calm because we knew we had to come back. They jumped 21 points up on us pretty quick. So we knew we were going to have to march down the field and make our offense do what it does."


Linebacker Bo Ruud
On Le Kevin Smith's interception
"I was on the blitz and already up the field. I saw the pick, and I started running. I thought the game was over. All of a sudden I heard the crowd boo. I didn't look back; I didn't think anything was going to happen. That's some of the worst luck we've ever had here at Nebraska. That's a hard one to deal with."

On the range of emotions
"Our team, just every second of the game, we got more into it. Even when we were down, we got more into it. We knew we were going to come back. We had no doubt in our minds. We kept believing. Right now it hurts, and it's over, but during the game we just kept on getting into it more."

On Texas Tech
"We've been wanting these guys since last year. Even though we didn't want to make it out like that, in our minds, this is the team we've been dying to get after. We were prepared for them, and we just let it slip."

Quarterback Zac Taylor
On today's loss
"It hurts, especially when we were in minus territory there. It put our defense in tough situations, and they responded really well. They only gave up three points each time. Obviously it's tough and I made some bad decisions, but I think we moved on. We picked our heads up and kept playing, but it hurts when you do those things."

On the emotions throughout the game
"The whole game was up and down. At the very end, you felt the extremes of both. When you have a fourth-and-one, you're getting excited and have faith in the defense. [Texas Tech] made a great play and they won the game. That was a really emotional game. We were down 21-0, and we showed that we're fighters. We're not going to give up. Things just didn't go our way in the end."

On what made the difference in the game
"Turnovers. I don't know how many they had -- one, maybe -- but we had a lot. Obviously that really hurt us. That put six points on the board for them, and looking at the scoreboard, six points made a huge difference."

Defensive End Jay Moore
On the emotions after the loss
"It's a tough one. It's hard to put my finger on what I feel like. It's something we haven't experienced this year. We put everything into [this game], but I'm starting to put it past me. We have to get ready for Baylor next week."

On comparing the losses to Texas Tech in the past two seasons
"Last year was way worse. I can't even compare the two because this year, even though we were down 21-0, we were calm. The defense was calm because we knew it was going to be a long game. We fought. We did everything we could. It just wasn't meant to be, honestly."

On moving on from today's loss
"I'm very proud of what we accomplished. Coming back from 21-0, we have a good football team here. I'm proud of what we've done. We fought; we fought all day. Last year we might have given up a little early. This team is not going to give up early this year. It's starting to go past me already. We have to get ready to go to Waco and handle our business."