Nebraska Coach Bill Callahan Quotes

Opening Statement
"We're disappointed, but I'm really proud of the way our players played today. They put a lot out on the line. I would tell you that coming down from a 21-point deficit and playing the way we did today, it makes our staff and everyone involved in our program very proud of the way we fought, the way we came back. We just didn't close it out at the end. You've got to tip your hat to Texas Tech. They're a fine team, the No. 13 team in the country, and we took them down to the wire, but we didn't close it out. We had some opportunities today, but we just didn't get it done. I'm really proud of our kids. There's a lot of positive to draw from in this game. There are no moral victories of course, but I'm really proud of the way our guys fought today."

On Le Kevin Smith's interception return and subsequent fumble
"He's excitable, he made a big play, he's trying to do his best. They're kids. They're excited. What can you say? You'd like to see that happen (him take a knee), but it didn't and it gave them another chance."

On Nebraska's defensive effort
"Our defense, they've really stood up to a real challenge today. After taking the schellacking and the battering from last year, coming back they had a real demeanor and a real attitude in this particular game. There are a lot of guys that left it on the line today. That's all you can ask as a coach is that your kids play as hard as they can and give you a chance to win and that's what they did today.

On bouncing back for Baylor next week
"It's important that we let this one go immediately and our players have a tremendous focus where they can adapt and change quickly and I think that's apparent in how they displayed their efforts today when they were down. This is a resilient football team, it's a resourceful football team and i have a lot of confidence that they'll come back next week. I'm not guaranteeing anything, but I'm very confident and assured that our kids will come back and focus and prepare hard for Baylor."

On the Huskers' young backs
"All those backs did a nice job today and complimented each other well. They're getting better. They're all getting better. We're starting to use them all. We want to run it, pound it and use a big back like Cody (Glenn) and Marlon (Lucky) and Cory (Ross) as a change-up and its a shared committee right now. They're all unselfish, they know their roles and they know what plays we expect them to be featured on. They executed today. I'm really proud of those young backs.

On TTU's Cody Hodges' mobility
"He's a guy that can create on the move. He has elusiveness. He's a little different than the guy they had last year. The guy there last year didn't function real well on the move and his strength was in the pocket. Hodges hurt us that last play. We had him hemmed in and we had him pinned on the rush. I though we had him for a second and he made a heck of a play."

On Nebraska's turnovers
"We turned it over and we gave them opportunities for a short field. Our kids were really resilient and they understand the dynamics of this type of game. They understood that it was going to take a lot to overcome a lot of adversity. They had a great attitude this week at practice, they had a great focus. The second half was just tremendous. Although we did throw that pick at the beginning, they way we fought through the second half was a great credit to our defensive and offensive players."