Pitt player quotes

Quarterback Tyler Palko
On the Pitt offense lacking sync
"Offensively, there's a little miscommunication. We try to come out and make plays. Our adjustments are iffy at times. It doesn't matter whose fault it is, we just didn't get it done."

On Pittsburgh not scoring a touchdown in two games
"We just have to keep working. We aren't playing well right now. Football is a tough game, and it's a test of our manhood to keep fighting. We have to go through growing pains and scrape the bottom before head to the top."

On the Pitt gameplan
"We hope to establish the run first, and we ran the ball well. It's good for our offense when we draw another man in the box. When they brought another man up, we threw it well at times."

On the performance of LaRod Stephens-Howling
"He came out and played well today. When we get guys drawn into the box, we get the chance to make plays. We did at times, but it was not good enough."

Wide Receiver Greg Lee
On the improvement of Pittsburgh's offense
"We get better after every game and every practice. We've made progress since the beginning of the season."

On Pitt's direction after this game
"We just have to hold together, because we have eight games left. We have to know that we still have a chance to make something good out of this season."

Defensive Back Darrelle Revis
On Pitt's mind set
"We came into this game with things not looking good. We have to keep our heads high and focus on next week."

On this loss compared to last week's loss to Ohio
"A loss is a loss, and it doesn't matter who you play. Nebraska has a great stadium and a great atmosphere, and you have to be ready to play. We were, and they were too, and it was like two bulls banging heads."

On struggles as a punt returner
"His (Koch's) punts were different. It seemed like it had some wobble to it. I dropped the first punt because I wasn't squared up to catch it."

On Pitt's defense gaining momentum
"It's all about confidence. We have to stay confident and do the job. All 11 of us are starting to play together as a defense. Good things are starting to happen."

On the performance of Pittsburgh's defensive line
"Our defensive line was excellent today and they rose to the challenge."

On the loss of Mike Phillips
"We have a lot of depth at defensive back. It's sad to see him injured, but we have to move on and play football."