Pitt Coach Dave Wannstedt quotes

Opening Statement
"This game was different somewhat from the other ones from the standpoint that we had opportunities to win the game. This is not about how good our defense played or how good our secondary played or how good our offense plays. It's obvious to everybody that if we are going to win we have to find a way to score some points. We did not have good field position. We were backed up a lot today. I thought we did a good job of getting ourselves out of a hole on offense, but we have to find a way to put it in the end zone. It was a tough team loss. We came up here and our guys wanted to win this game so bad and we played so hard. We prepared so hard during the week and it just hurts. It really does. There is no easy solution to it. We just have to line up tomorrow and start coaching them and try to get better. We need to continue to try and get better as a team. That is really where we are at."

On running back Rashad Jennings
"He really was a bright spot today. I thought we ran the ball decent. I thought for the most part against a pretty good defense on the road, we ran the ball pretty well. It was protection. We struggled. We would get sacked and Tyler (Palko) was on the run and we got ourselves into too many long-yardage situations. We were 2nd and 1, 3rd and 3, and then knock ourselves out of range. We're just not making plays and not giving ourselves a chance to make plays in the passing game. I thought we ran the ball pretty decent against a real good front four. Those guys are really good, strong and experienced."

On the final field goal attempt by Josh Cummings
"He just kicked it low. He kicked it the same way as the one that got blocked earlier. It was a low kick. It wasn't anybody that was turned loose. It was exactly the same as the one earlier."

On a possible injury to Cummings earlier this week
"His knee was bothering him during the week, yes. He had treatment on it all week and he did not kick at all after Monday of last week. But we have to get that solved. Either he is healthy and can kick or he can't."

On the onside kick to start the second half
"We came out in the second half with the onside kick. We had been working on that in practice. We get the thing and we have a chance to go down and score. And we end up with a field goal. I mean it was good and positive, but not when you're playing Nebraska. If you kick a bunch of field goals you're not going to win. You have to go out there and score some points."

On a possible penalty on Nebraska for coming on the field after the first field goal attempt
"I wouldn't have thrown a flag there either. Under that circumstance, I'm sure they were assuming it was fourth down. That wasn't taunting or anything. It was a head up play by Josh Cumming though for throwing it away and giving us another chance to win."

On the way his players came out
"When we came up here today everyone in that locker room had his mind set on winning this football game. There was no doubt about that. They played that way I thought until the end."

On their record so far this season
"We knew Notre Dame would be tough and they would all be tough. But, it is what it is. We just have to try and go out and get ready this week. That is all we can do."

On the overall progression of his team
"I think we are building on defense and we did some good things on special teams. We came up here to play and had a chance to kick a field goal to win the game. You know that your preparation and mind set is good. A lot of teams come up here and fold under the crowd. I thought our guys handled that all well. I think we are growing. We are not walking yet, we're crawling. We have a long ways to go before we're running. But we're crawling right now. Almost walking today."