Nebraska player quotes

Punter Sam Koch
On the punt team
"I have to thank the whole punt team -- (Brandon Rigoni) and Joey Robison and the whole punt team, they did a heck of a job today. I can't thank them enough. If it wasn't for them, I wouldn't have had anything I did inside the 20. (Rigoni), he's a missile, and that's why we call him "The Missile." He's one heck of a guy. He's working 110 percent, every play, no matter what you're doing. He's an all-out guy. You couldn't ask for a better day."

On special teams
"Adam Ickes did a great job. Special teams are always going to play an impact on the game. It definitely turns the game over as you can see. A good punt will turn the game over. It's critical, just like offense and defense is."

On giving advice to young kickers
"You don't want to put a whole lot of pressure on and say that he's terrible and all that stuff. Jordan (Congdon) is very calm. He came in his first game and hit four field goals. He's a good kicker, and you just have to give positive reinforcement, especially with punters and kickers."
Quarterback Zac Taylor

On the scripting of the first 15 plays
"It was [a good start]. We moved the ball. The first 15 were really helpful; they put us in some good positions. We didn't convert on everything we should have, but they did a good job of scripting. There are certain situations -- third down always changes and stuff like that, so we stuck with it as well as we could. But penalties set you back."

On the offensive line
"Honestly, I wasn't watching. I can't watch stuff like that. I rushed out there after they threw the incomplete pass. In my mind, it was fourth down and we were going out there. I was standing next to Coach Callahan and he's telling all of us to get off the field because they have another play. It was going to break my heart if they threw an incomplete pass and came back and kicked a field goal, but our defense stepped up."

On Nebraska's receivers
"This was the most physical secondary we've seen. These are some of the bigger guys we're going to play against, and they did a great job. We were having success running the ball today, so we didn't have to throw the ball as much as we usually do. Our receivers are doing a great job. They're going to keep working. The plays are going to come."

Cory Ross
On the defense and special teams
"Definitely the defense helped us out. Whether it's the offense is doing bad or the defense is doing bad, it's still a team effort. Special teams-wise, I think Sam Koch did a great job. He helped us out too. As a team as a whole, we did a great job."

On establishing a rhythm
"It felt good. You see it. I know people probably get to saying you're one block away or one catch away, but it definitely is. Once we really start getting in tune and guys start clicking, it's going to be a special year for us and definitely very special for the offense."

Linebacker Adam Ickes
On blocking kicks
"We work on it every day in practice all week long. We were going on a block both edges and middle. The middle worked during the game, and I think they were so worried about people coming up the middle."

On the 3-0 start to the season
"We knew we should be. That Maine game was kind of a beginner for us, but we knew we had potential to do it. This is the first quarter of our season, and our goal was to be 3-0. We're there now."

Left Guard Greg Austin
On the win
"Everybody's heart is still beating. It was a great win. I can't even put good on it, because it was just great. We came from a lot of adversity today and we overcame it."

On the offensive struggles
"Our main theme was offensive penalties. We got blamed for penalty after penalty after penalty. I got blamed for one false start, but we're going to go back on film and check on that one. But that's in the books, it's a win. But we drove the ball. We had no problem moving down the field, but it came down to that we had the long stick every drive."

On his performance this season
"Three games into the season, I think I've had a pretty good year. I'm not overconfident. I think I can get better. I think there is still progress to be made, but I think I'm playing good ball right now all in all. But for me to be at the level I want to be at, I still have to work at it."

On twisting his knee this afternoon
"On a particular play, I got my knee kind of rolled up. It was my left knee this time and right now it's still sore and it's going to be a little bit sore, but it's nothing real big. I'm the king of knee problems so I know it's nothing very big. I just didn't want to stay in the game and cost my team. We were at a very crucial time in the game and I know that someone else can come in and play better than me because I have something wrong."

Cornerback Cortney Grixby
On defending Pittsburgh receiver Greg Lee
"They said they wanted to challenge us and so we went into practice with a chip on our shoulders saying 'Not this game. Not any game.' "

On playing a team with a good quarterback and good receiver
"Our defense is playing very well. We're playing together. We're gelling and that's something we always want to do coming in to play this fall. We knew that we just had to come in and play together and we'd win games."

On the win
"We're on a high right now. A win is a win. We won 7-6 and that goes in the right hand column of the record. We're just feeling it right now."

On the key to an improved pass defense
"We went back to the basics. We went back to techniques in practice. We split up the coaches because we want to utilize the coaching staff and right now that's helping and we just hope for the most."

On special teams
"That was a very big emphasis coming into the fall. Right now it's shown in the three games that we've played that special teams in a big part of winning. We came out and we got two blocks and we got a big return from Terrance Nunn and that helped us to get the big one."