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Nebraska Defensive Back Omar Brown Pre-Colorado Press Conference

On Colorado’s skilled players: 

“First off, I think they have a lot of skilled players. I think that’s on both offense and defense. They have skill. They’re versatile and they have a lot of players that can get a lot of playing time.” 

On the preparation for Colorado this week:

“I have been telling the guys ever since Colorado has been on our schedule that that is the game to look forward to. Of course every game is important, but that game is a little more serious. You love challenges like that and you don’t go against many teams like that in your career. Even other teams in the Big Ten. You love going against other teams like that and I’m excited for Saturday.” 

On Coach Sanders overall: 

“I mean that’s obviously the goat. Him being a coach now it brings in a different perspective and you obviously have to give Coach Sanders his props as well as respect. With me being a player it’s like going against a player instead of him being a coach, but I am excited for it.”

On Brown’s excitement for this week’s game against Colorado: 

“For me, the reason I circled that game was because I love competition. I love playing against skilled players and players that will specifically play in the NFL. Some players may back away from it, but I can’t wait for it. It will be fun.”