N-Club Compliance

The University of Nebraska is committed to institutional control and compliance with all institutional, Big Ten Conference and NCAA rules and regulations.

Whereas we look forward to integrating your presence into the personal and career development of our student-athletes, there are obviously boundaries that must be adhered to and strictly enforced.

Below are the most pertinent NCAA rules that apply to you, a former student-athlete of which as a dues paying member, you are also considered a donor to Nebraska Athletics. Your full support and compliance is greatly appreciated.

Remember that if you are ever in doubt as to what is permissible or not, make sure you contact Nebraska Athletic Compliance by calling the Nebraska compliance office at 402-472-2042. You can also email the Director of Compliance, Jamie Vaughn at jvaughn@huskers.com.

Nebraska Compliance Top 10 for Donors and Alumni

The Compliance Office is ready to answer your questions about NCAA rules. We ask that you contact us before any action with a prospective student-athlete or current student-athlete.

You are not allowed to make any recruiting contact with prospective student-athletes. This includes in-person, telephone, email, text, Facebook, Twitter and other social media.

You are not allowed to contact a prospect's coach, principal or guidance counselor to evaluate athletic or academic abilities. 

You are not allowed to give or arrange for gifts or benefits to be provided to a prospect, his/her parent or guardian or anyone associated with a prospect.

You are allowed to maintain friendships with a family of a prospect as long as the relationship pre-dates the student becoming a prospect. Any gifts or other benefits you provide the prospect or family must be consistent with what was provided prior to the student becoming a prospect.

You may attend high school and junior college games and events. Just do not make contact with prospects or their parents or guardians at games to recruit them to Nebraska. You may contact Nebraska coaches to inform them of talented prospects you have watched compete.

You are not allowed to provide current student-athletes, their families or friends extra benefits. An extra benefit is any benefit that is offered because the student-athlete's status as a Husker. If the benefit is not offered to other students, it is not permissible. You are able to provide a meal on an occasional basis in your home, on campus or at the facility used for practice or competition. 

You are allowed to employ current student-athletes, provided they are paid the rate commensurate for the work and they are paid for work they actually perform. Other benefits provided to student-athletes at the place of employment must be consistent with other employees' benefits. Also, an employer is not permitted to use a student-athlete's name or likeness to promote a business.

You are not allowed to provide entertainment for coaches from high school, prep school, non-scholastic (i.e. summer basketball) or junior college teams. This includes game tickets or any other types of entertainment or benefits.

Each student-athlete receives complimentary admissions to their competitions for their friends and family. These tickets cannot be sold or traded for services or anything of value.