Heinrich Haarberg
Nebraska Quarterback
Postgame Quotes vs. Louisiana Tech (Sept. 23, 2023)
Nebraska 28, LA Tech 14

On breaking things open in the second half
“I think we found some things that really worked well for us. And we had known a lot of the week that we were going to run, but once we found them, we started calling them a little bit more and made adjustments off those plays to open up different stuff.”

On not knowing who the starter was going to be
“It was a little bit of deja vu from last week. Jeff (Sims) took a couple more snaps than he did last week, but I still took all the snaps that I could and acted like I was the starter, and prepared like I was. I think that’s the key with this situation. Everyone trying to uplift each other, and every chance you get you need to make the most of it. When (Rhule) gives you those first or second team reps, he expects you to prepare like you are going to be the starter.”

On learning curve of option
"As a quarterback, if you know the weapons that you have and can disturb the ball, then you’re gonna be successful. I think when you get really fluent knowing who the pitch key is and being comfortable with the backs, that offense becomes deadly. These coaches have sat down and studied this offense and the option side of the playbook, and they watched a lot of film and obviously coach Ron Brown has been there since the 80s, and he’s seen a lot of option QBs, so he gives us some insight into this too. Attacking angles, knowing when to pitch and stuff like that.”

Thoughts on where the passing game is at right now
“I think it’s good but it needs to keep developing. Last week was a lot more of just getting completions. This week we came out and wanted to stretch the field a little bit more. We were close on a couple of them, and we connected on a couple as well. Some of that’s on me, I gotta see little details better. Whether that’s watching film more or understanding better where to go with the ball, but I think the o-line is doing a great job giving me time.”

On Grant’s play
“I didn’t see Anthony Grant change at all because he’s always been ready to go. We saw last year how dominant of a running back he can be. At the start of this year, things didn’t fall his way, but so what? I don’t think he ever changed his mindset to being second or third string now, so I’m not going to try. He’s a guy who comes to work every day, and he doesn’t waiver.”